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FUTURE WILL Procurement consists of highly qualified procurement professionals, working centrally out of IRAQ and supported by its network of offices in Missan and Basrah, procuring worth millions of dollars, to satisfy needs of FUTURE WILL and its clients.

It manages all types of requests – whether an engineered equipment for the project, or an off-shelf item is needed for the operations of the company or the engagement of a specialized consultant that would optimize value for its clients.
We have the in-house resources to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase and arrange for the transport of materials and services to any project site
We extensively research markets and suppliers to ensure we prepare accurate estimates, select the best products and obtain the best prices. The tendering cycle is managed with transparency and full compliance with laws, regulations and client requirements, thus maintaining the integrity of the process.

Our project managers and procurement staff synchronize project schedules, materials orders and shipping logistics to minimize work delays.
Long after our projects are complete, we serve as a ready source of spare parts for FUTURE WILL-supplied equipment.