Construction and Commissioning of Buzurgan Oil Export Pipeline Project.

FW was responsible for the provision of construction and commissioning of Buzurgan Oil Export Pipeline Project in compliance with the requirement of DPABI. The work includes procurement, fabrication, manufacture, transportation, handling, positioning, installation, maintenance and service. The work includes: • Survey and staking, ROW cleaning and grading, Construction of access road from main road to ROW, Handling, hauling, transport pipeline from DPABI storage or owners storage and unloading, Stringing, line up, Cleaning, Cold Bending, Aligning and welding, Ditching, Draining, Lowering in, Backfilling, Tie-ins, flushing and purging, Gauging Hydrostatic test and Pigging test, Holiday test, Cathodic protection, Road crossing, River crossing and channel crossing, Swale crossing, Cable crossing, Pipe Crossing and other Crossing etc. • Blasting, painting, joint coating, insulation and repair, Anti- corrosion, Line markers, Restoration, Hydro technological protection, restoration environment, Anchor block, Concrete slab, Balance Bloc, masonry and other civil works. Pre- commissioning and commissioning assistant. • Recycling the remaining materials, MUSHARRAH River crossing, and jacking road crossing

Project information

  • Client Daqing Petroleum Administrative Bureau Branch, Iraq (DPABI)
  • Country Iraq
  • Category Done
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